Why is reducing our waste so important? We currently live in a ‘throw away’ society – one that buys new, throws out old, and doesn’t give it a second thought. A lot of money, energy, and natural resources go into creating all the new products we buy day to day. Then, once we are done […]

Picture [c] The New Yorker These are sad days – we are seeing the rise of populists and fascists in much of Europe and in the United States. The election of Donald Trump also poses a serious threat to the climate. He has on several occasions denied that climate change is occurring, and even stated that […]

What is the ‘circular economy’ and why does GUCA, alongside several economists, academics and cultural icons such as Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep, support it?   Current Linear Economy We currently live in a predominantly linear economy. This means that our products are  made, used and then thrown away. When the iPhone 6 was released […]

Hello and welcome (back) to all you students at Glasgow University! Summer is sadly now over and university is back in full swing. And of course, along with that, the committees and societies are starting up their work for the year! GUCA has been very active over the past few years and we don’t plan […]

GUCA is affiliated with an awesome organisation called Young Friends of the Earth Europe (YFoEE), which held a gathering in Malta last week. Young people from the network, from all over Europe, came together to share experiences and make plans for the following year. Here is a short video that I made in preparation for the meeting, […]

‘Go Green Week’ is People and Planets national annual week of Climate Action in schools, colleges and universities. From the 8th – 14th February a number of exciting events and workshops were held throughout the UK in order to raise awareness of climate change and encourage pupils and students to campaign for and protect their […]

GUCA has had a really exciting week. On Wednesday 10/02 we had a bake sale plus an exciting red lines demo that attracted a lot of attention. A collage of pictures is shown below. Red lines is symbolic of the red lines that must not be stepped over on climate change. It first appeared in […]

GUCA has had an active, amazing year of 2015, fighting on all the aspects of climate justice, with many new faces, exciting events and spending fun time together. Let’s look back into it and see what the next year is going to bring for us! January We started our year with January full of events, […]

COP day 4 – update from the inside Key issues discussed yesterday and today: 1. Energy transition The Climate Vulnerable Forum, which consists of 43 countries including the Philippines, Bangladesh and Costa Rica, has pledged for full decarbonisation so they can run their countries on 100% renewable energy by 2050. This is a very bold and amazing statement that […]

COP day 3 – update from the inside This year, civil society is having lots of trouble following the negotiations at COP. Even those on the inside, with a badge, are excluded form many of the meetings. This raises the question: what they are hiding? Civil society (environmental groups on the inside) have to rely solely […]