Go Green Week Retrospect

GUCA has had a really exciting week. On Wednesday 10/02 we had a bake sale plus an exciting red lines demo that attracted a lot of attention. A collage of pictures is shown below.


Red lines is symbolic of the red lines that must not be stepped over on climate change. It first appeared in Paris during COP21 and has been the inspiration for many actions since, better uniting all the movements across the world. The red lines are simple yet easily recognisable. It seems fitting that the colour most associated with strong emotions should be implemented in order to galvanise our protests.

Interestingly, the origin of the phrase ‘to cross the red line’ comes from an agreement between oil companies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Line_Agreement.

On Thursday we were at SWG3 with our hand made much loved tree. People tied leaves with messages onto the tree, expressing their wish for the planet this year. You may think that this is a pointless exercise but it gives people a platform to think and discuss in a way they wouldn’t normally do. It looks nice too.


On Saturday, people involved in the Strathclyde pension fund divestment campaign stepped things up a notched and had a successful public meeting to plan the next stages of the campaign:



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